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New Life in Costa Del Sol

Bored? Need a new challenge? Fed up with British winters, the boss, the present economic climate? Whatever reason you have for looking for a new lifestyle, then we have heard and experienced most reasons and can understand and appreciate your feelings.

Most of us, who dream of starting over, do not want to look back in life and say ” wished we had done it”.
The Costa Del Sol with its home from home feel, excluding the weather, where most people speak your language, has got to be the easiest destination to safely attempt such a momentous change in life style.
In our opinion, if you plan your move carefully and accept sensible advice, hopefully from Kingsway Estates Spain S.L., the whole move can be a great rewarding adventure, which hopefully will be remembered with enjoyment.

The Costa Del Sol with an estimated 320 days fine weather per year and only 2 plus hours from most U.K. airports is an excellent destination to relocate with or without family commitments.
Spain has much improved over the past 20 years, it is cleaner, safer and has integrated well into the European Community and still has solid and genuine ties with the U.K.

The Costa is vibrant and alive; we are under the opinion that if you can think it here then you can do it here.
The advantages are quite obvious, sunshine, beaches, lower cost of living, new places to visit, new nationalities to meet, a new language to learn. How many of us have remarked ” Oh I wish I had tried harder at school” with French or German, well now is the chance to try again. The Spanish people in general appreciate when you try to speak their language and you will often get a free Spanish lesson from most Spanish residents. If you are coming with children as happened with us, watching them enjoy the Spanish way of life can often be the most rewarding aspect of Costa life. If you intend to enrol them in Spanish school then it usually only takes a few months before they are speaking the language and leaving Mum and Dad well behind. We can help you with introductions to schools both Spanish and English. A full British Curriculum is available at the International Colleges along the coast, however these are fee paying.
The Costa Del Sol is expanding, many people are now moving further inland, and the road networks are much improved making inland properties and businesses very accessible to Malaga Airport and the coast. Only 20 minutes drive from the coastal areas brings a totally different outlook on Costa life, with the agricultural green belt areas where grand country houses stand side by side with small finca dwellings.