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With premiums rising, shopping around is more essential than ever if you want to save money without having to compromise on cover. Thankfully, with so many car insurance companies competing for your renewal premiums, there’s still bargains to be had with savings into three figures possible for some. Just remember that most quotes compare premiums not quality of coverage so make sure you’re comparing like with like when buying online.

We are extremely competitive on fully comprehensive policy’s



Home insurance is a generic term for two different products. Buildings insurance to protect the property’s construction and contents insurance to protect your moveable household objects and valuables. Call us for a free non hassle quotation for your home and contents.


woman_doctor_02HEALTH INSURANCE

Like any type of insurance, life cover is designed to protect you and your dependents against financial risk. Choosing the best cover often comes down to asking the right questions to understand the risk you’re trying to insure. Unlike many other types of insurance though, life cover can be setup with a longer term of ten or twenty years or more so it’s important to ensure that a policy is able to meet your needs today and in the years to come. As always, if you are unsure which life insurance companies provide the best policy for you, take independent financial advice. Call us for a free quotation today!



 We offer a competitive rates on business insurance for bar, café, restaurants, in fact any type of business.

It is a legal requirement to have the insurance in the event of a customer or member of staff hurt themselves. Town halls will request a copy of the insurance to ensure all business comply with the law.



pets_insurancePET INSURANCE

Pet cover is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of the insurance industry as the cost of vet treatments have increased. And, like any type of cover, it’s essential to compare as many pet insurance companies as possible to ensure a competitive deal. But, with a growing variation in policies and benefits, it’s just as important to go beyond price to consider what you are actually getting for your money. The cheapest policy may not always offer the best value for money.


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